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Upper School

The goal of The Wesley Upper School is "to provide a highly academic curriculum in a developmentally appropriate, Christian classroom that promotes biblical literacy, faith formation and service to others."


How We Achieve Our Purpose
In the Upper School, grades 3-6 we use developmentally appropriate teaching strategies including inquiry based instruction and co-operative learning.  Our teachers  differentiate instruction to ensure we meet all students at their level. Within the classroom, teachers approach the unique learning differences of students with appropriate accommodations, interventions, or modifications as needed. 

Christian Community Building
Chapel time and bible studies are led by our pastors with the intention that every student may  develop a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Team Building / Service Projects

Personal faith is demonstrated by acts of charity. We respond to God’s love for us by serving others. Volunteering with area ministries and serving  our neighbors is internal to our faith.

Music, Visual Arts, Performing Arts
Centenary UM Church has a long history of music and performing arts ministry. Our students at the Upper School explore the many mediums of artistic expression, performance and appreciation.

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