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Upper Elementary: Staff

Neuro-Diversity & Learning Differences

Neuro-diversity is the viewpoint that variations of the human brain are normal, not regarded as a deficit to learning. Our variety of teaching methods gives every child equal opportunity to succeed. Our individualized learning approach is for every student, so students with formal accommodations such as IEPs or 504 plans are not set apart. Our Special Educators are integral to the teaching team; which includes parent, child, teacher, related service providers and special educator. Goals are established through an ISP (Service Plan) and progress is tracked together. Related services may also be available for your child through the county at our school.



Our model of teaching and learning uses children’s emergent ideas and strategies as a basis for developing understanding; giving all children an equal opportunity to succeed. Learning goals for every child are integrated into their assessment-for-learning trackers. All learners need a solid conceptual base, ways to model their thinking, and a repertoire of strategies. Our model encapsulates intervention within this broader view, and involves equally all the stakeholders: child, parent/s, teacher, and special educator, in tracking and celebrating progress, and in setting goals. 

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