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Early Elementary 

Kindergarten through Second Grade

Our curriculum includes instruction in the core areas of Literacy, Math, Social Studies, and Science as well as art, music, and physical education. We draw inspiration from the emergent model of education and the Project Approach, a teaching technique developed by leading educators Lilian Katz and Sylvia Chard. The daily schedule encourages collaborative learning, self-initiated discoveries, hands-on learning, creative & critical thinking, as well as imaginative play. Our nature-oriented approach includes regular time spent outdoors. Research has shown that outdoor nature experiences have a direct and positive effect on children’s social, emotional, and cognitive development.


Our teacher to student ratio is 1:10 for each of the grades kindergarten through second. The impressively low ratio allows for us to be attentive to the unique learning profile of each student. We can observe your child’s pattern of development throughout the years, ensuring they master the knowledge and improve their grade level skills.

The  outdoor classroom is an integral part of a creative educational approach that combines heart, mind, intellect and appreciation for diversity in the natural world.

We understand that not every child learns in the same way. Nor do all the children arrive at school with the exact same strengths to build upon. By assessing your child's unique learning profile, we work with them to help them grow in knowledge and gain confidence in learning.  

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Ksin Tree
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