Preschool Years

Looking for short term classes or summer programs?They will be posted soon. Get on the list by completing an application and we will contact you as these open up.

New in Fall 2021 - Five Days a Week / Half Day Classes /

Our curriculum is inspired the approach held by Ms Penny, who brought her preschool to our church in the 1980's when our education building was newly built but not being used during the week.  Long before naming it "and emergent approach" or "child-led discovery", Ms Penny and her teachers believed in the importance of play and discovery. As trends in pedagogy have come and gone, what has remained foundation at our preschool is our understanding of our role to create a nurturing atmosphere where a love for learning can grow.


Each of our preschool classes at The Wesley School offer age appropriate curriculum which consists of instructional areas  in Math, Science, Technology,  Arts  and Social Studies and introduction to reading and writing. See school calendar for important dates and holidays.


All of our 2021 Preschool Classes have become Monday - Friday programs 
Monday - Friday

8:30am - 12:30pm  Morning Session:    $4,750 per school year
12:30pm - 3:30pm Afternoon Session:  $4,000 per school year


Our approach of discovery and play is the foundation for learning in preschool.  Children in both classes will further their letter recognition, writing, counting and patterning.

Uniforms required in the AM Session only.


See Wesley School Calendar for all dates.