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Upper Elementary: Staff



We use formative and summative assessments in the classroom setting to track student progress.  These assessments are based on the Maryland State Standards.  Student progress is also monitored using portfolios which are kept throughout the school year. Parent conferences are held twice a year to discuss student progress.  Parent conferences can also be held anytime at the parents' request.

Students have a variety of opportunities and modalities to show what they know. These opportunities are built right into systematic instruction times, follow-up activities, and project work. Evidence of learning is selected by the teacher, student and/or parent/s and placed in their portfolio.  Examples of evidence could include children’s writing, calculations, drawings, diagrams, mind maps, photos or videos of project work, presentation videos, audio recordings.


First and foremost, the curriculum used at The Wesley School has been vetted and approved by the Maryland State Board of Education.  It is their guidelines that we follow for our curriculum.  

The curriculum includes instruction in the core areas of literacy, mathematics, social studies and science as well as art, music and physical education.  

The curriculum is available on our website and provided to parents in the handbook.  The curriculum map serves as a summary of topics and standards taught throughout the school year.

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