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Upper Elementary: Staff


Our curriculum areas align with the licensing regulations for each of our programs, Elementary instruction is across the areas of Literacy, Math, Social Studies, and Science and aligns with standards set by Maryland State Department of Education. Resource areas such as art, music, performing arts, multi-media and physical education are taught by resource teachers in each area of focus.


There are no screens such as tablet, computers, televisions in the preschool and elementary classrooms. In the event that teachers determine students will watch a movie for a special event or as part of an educational supplement we will inform parents in advance. Students in The Upper School will be using computers and tablets for supervised research and multi-media arts.



Knowing the importance of early childhood education we value learning through play! We use developmentally appropriate teaching practices introducing academics such as letters, sounds, numbers, and counting in order to prepare them for Kindergarten. We help to develop social emotional skills which are vital in the development of the whole child. We connect to thematic units throughout the year and integrate multi sensory learning.  



First and foremost, the curriculum used at Wesley School for early elementary education has been vetted and approved by the Maryland State Board of Education. We follow their guidelines for our curriculum in the core areas of literacy, mathematics, social studies and science.  The curriculum is available on our website and provided to parents at the start of each year. The curriculum map serves as a summary of topics and standards taught throughout the school year.


For grades 3rd-6th, we draw from several Christian resources in order to meet the scope of learning for each grade level in accordance with state standards. Learning resources from The Good and the Beautiful as well as academically rigorous textbooks from Purposeful Design Publications and Modos Press are our sources for teaching from a biblical worldview.

Overall, across the grade levels our curriculum is developmentally appropriate and encourages critical and creative thinking, It is academically challenging while at the same time flexible in understanding the neurological differences of the human mind. By working with the unique learning profiles of each student, we assure they master the knowledge, gain confidence in learning, and improve their skills in each area.

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