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Upper Elementary: Staff

Our Core Values

The Wesley School’s Core Values
These phrases help to define our school culture and shape what we do.


“Do All the Good You Can.”
As our primary core value, the school motto translates into showing understanding, respect, social responsibility, honesty, and kindness as staff, colleagues, and companions on our learning journey.


“We are all different, and we learn from each other.” 
We believe in an inclusive school community that supports multiple learning styles and teaches how to communicate across our differences. We model this through our interactions with each other as staff, and in our partnerships with families. Neurodiversity is celebrated as an opportunity to share our skills and talents and learn from one another.

“Life-Long Learners.” 
We understand that learning is not confined to childhood or the traditional classroom setting but is a continuous process that takes places across different times and contexts.  When academic and life skills are intertwined, we achieve meaningful learning that reflects real life.

“Developmentally Appropriate.”
We seek to know our children as whole persons and use their emergent ideas and strategies as a basis for developing understanding. We ensure experiences and goals are suited to their learning and development and challenging enough to promote their progress and interest.


“You can do hard things.” 
This motivating core value builds a mindset of resilience and encourages the appropriate risk taking that is needed for growth. It compels children to meet challenges, push through self-limiting beliefs and gain confidence. Children and staff grow to become cheerleaders of their own, and each other’s growth. No matter our age, we are capable of more than we believe!


“Assessment for Learning (AFL).”
We use a continuous assessment loop which creates feedback that can be used to improve children’s performance, i.e., inform the ’next steps’ for their learning, as well as identify what they did well. Children are involved in setting learning objectives so they can have confidence in what the expectations are and how they will know when objectives have been met. Children are given a variety of opportunities and modalities to show what they know, understand, and can do. They are involved in tracking their own progress so they can enjoy and take ownership of their achievements. Through assessing children’s learning, AFL also assesses the learning environment, giving staff opportunities for reflections on how they can promote a specific aspect of learning or make their space more inclusive.

“Leaders are Readers” 
A love of reading is contagious, and our school culture demonstrates a passion for books. We all read, and we all talk about what we have read. We create comfortable, inviting reading spaces for children, and source books which will interest and inspire them. We offer literacy support at every age level. When we teach children to read, we hand children the keys to discovering new knowledge, and to unlocking their imagination!


“Celebration of Learning.”
At The Wesley School we understand the value and importance of taking pause for reflection. We reflect on what we have learned, the ways in which we learned it, the questions we have answered, and what our areas of strength and struggle have been. This is a practice which lays the foundation for children to become the self-reflective adults we all aspire to become, who can set and achieve goals.

"We uphold a Biblical worldview"

We apply the biblical understanding that God is active and sovereign over all areas of our life. Worship and prayer are central to our school communnity through weekly chapel, daily prayer and celbration of holidays. Upper elementary students engage in study of the Word to understand the overarching story of Creation (how things ought to be), the Fall (what went wrong), and Redemption (how can this be made right through Jesus Christ).

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