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Upper Elementary: Staff

Foundation Subjects & STEM

Foundation Subjects:


The Foundation Subjects are integral to preserving a broad and balanced curriculum, where all types of learners can grow and flourish physically, mentally, and creatively. These subjects are taught through systematic skills instruction, followed by the opportunity to use those skills within exploration of their projects in History and Social Sciences, and Science. 


Music and Visual Arts include opportunities for students to learn specific skills using musical instruments, voices, bodies, and visual arts materials. Students learn to create, organize and develop their artistic ideas and work pieces, independently and in groups through project work. They analyze and interpret works of art, including compositions and performances.


Physical Education (P.E.) includes the development of gross motor skills, movement patterns, concepts and strategies, across athletics, gymnastics, games, and outdoor and adventurous activities. P.E. provides the aerobic exercise essential for growing bodies.


A Note about STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)


Our integrated and inquiry-based approach provides a well-tested-and-tried model of incorporating all areas of learning under the umbrella of an inclusive, in-depth investigation or project, for example, one answering a complex question, investigating a global issue, or developing solutions for challenges and real-world problems.  This is perfect for increasing children’s STEM skills and knowledge. In projects with a STEM focus, preliminary investigations can explore knowledge and skills involved in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. There will also be opportunities to introduce new vocabulary associated with these STEAM subjects. Selected achievements can be featured in a presentation showing what the STEAM subjects have contributed to the study as a whole as well as to the individual explorations the children have carried out.

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