Going to School again.. 5 Days A Week

I like this meme I recently saw.

Makes me realize that there are some valuable benefits of our virtual months together.. things like "audio only" meetings on Zoom. Bad hair days or not, the one thing I miss is the experience of community. To be "in community" with one another, is something I probably used to take for granted. Never again. I look forward to going back to what used to be 'the grind', the regular schedule of Monday through Friday. For the valuable rhythm it gives my life and for the value it holds for developing our soul. When children have a community, it sharpens their moral compass and gives them the freedom to develop into self-actualized, compassionate, grounded human beings.

Our summer day campers displayed to me daily reminders of being a part of a community. The joy on their faces of playing together..and the struggles of playing together. That is part of how we grow in understanding concepts of kindness, fairness and injustice.. by "being in the sandbox" together. At the Wesley School, we believe that humans are not meant to live in isolation, that we all  learn best when we have that community to grow in.

If you are looking for a community where your child can grow, where "individuals are valued, relationships cherished, and where neuro-diversity is recognized and respected" please contact us to enroll for fall.

I am grateful that the Wesley School will re-open five days a week in the fall. Thanks to our smaller class sizes and our outdoor learning schedule, our classes will resume pretty much the same in fall. The exception will be new protocols for drop-off and pick-up, cleaning, and hygiene. We will be posting all those changes in the next month.


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Susanna Wesley, mother of Methodism, practiced a distinctive approach to education in her day that valued the whole child, both heart and mind. Named in her recognition, The Wesley School is an outreach of Mt Harmony-Lower Marlboro United Methodist Church and is a certified non-public school in the state of Maryland.©2019 by The Wesley School.

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