Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Do you cover the common core standards taught in public schools in Maryland?

A. Yes. our curriculum covers the common core standards taught in all public schools in our state. We hold the same expectation of teaching the establish set of shared goals and expectations that public schools expect students to understand and be able to do in kindergarten. In addition to areas of English Language Arts, Mathematics and Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, we include physical education, fine arts, and  music.

Q. Will Wesley School offer first grade next year?

A. The Wesley School decided to begin our first year of enrollment for kindergarten students with the intention that we will grow as the students grow. In other words, our goal is to have first through fifth grade within the next five years.

What is the Calendar for the school?

SCHOOL YEAR 2019-20   SCHOOL YEAR 2020-21 


q. Where did the idea of the school originate?

A. In February of 2019, several conversations between parents and the Mt Harmony Preschool staff resulted in a roundtable discussion of local educators, parents, and church leaders on March 18, 2019. Rev. Faith Wilkerson opened the meeting with a brief historical background of Methodism’s involvement in education, literacy. Then we asked for input on the current needs of our community, resulting in a collaborative discussion. 

A clear picture formed. A shared desire for a school that embraced the diversity of children's learning styles, allowed flexibility for teaching the Common Core more creatively classroom with fewer students, an outdoor classroom, the flexibility to collaborate with specialists, the creation of a collaborative, inclusive atmosphere for learning that allows for more play time and ability to pray, meditate, and grow children who regard all people as beloved by God, no matter our differences, and to be thoughtful in seeking wisdom and justice. Just as in the early Methodist schools, no person must confess to a particular doctrine of faith in order to receive instruction and be welcomed into the community.

Q. Do you offer scholarships or tuition assistance?

 A. Yes. We encourage families who are in need of financial assistance to apply. 

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Susanna Wesley, mother of Methodism, practiced a distinctive approach to education in her day that valued the whole child, both heart and mind. Named in her recognition, The Wesley School is an outreach of Mt Harmony-Lower Marlboro United Methodist Church and is a certified non-public school in the state of Maryland.©2019 by The Wesley School.

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