Our Curriculum
Preschool Ages

Our curriculum is inspired the approach held by Ms Penny, who brought her preschool to our church in the 1980's when our education building was newly built but not being used during the week.  Long before naming it "and emergent approach" or "child-led discovery", Ms Penny and her teachers believed in the importance of play and discovery. As trends in pedagogy have come and gone, what has remained foundation at our preschool is our understanding of our role to create a nurturing atmosphere where a love for learning can grow. 

Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

Our curriculum includes instruction in the core areas of Literacy, Math, Social Studies, and Science as well as art, music, and physical education. We draw inspiration from the emergent model of education and the Project Approach, a teaching technique developed by leading educators Lilian Katz and Sylvia Chard. The daily schedule encourages collaborative learning, self-initiated discoveries, hands-on learning, creative & critical thinking, as well as imaginative play. Our nature-oriented approach includes regular time spent outdoors. Research has shown that outdoor nature experiences have a direct and positive effect on children’s social, emotional, and cognitive development.


Our outdoor classroom is an integral part of a creative educational approach that combines heart, mind, intellect and appreciation for diversity in the natural world.

Our Unique Approach

Not every child learns in the same way. By discovering your child's unique learning profile, we work with their pattern of development to help them grow in knowledge and gain confidence in learning. 

See our daily schedule to learn more. We are an inclusive school where neuro-diversity is recognized and respected.  See our school calendars to view the year at a glance       SCHOOL YEAR 2020-21 


Teacher to Student Ratio

Our teacher to student ratio varies from of 1:10 (kindergarten) 1:14 (first-second grade) and and 1:8-1;9 for children in preschool classes. In the elementary level, we add an additional special educator to the classroom in order to support both teacher and student. This low ratio approach along with the addition of a second teacher allows for us to be attentive to the unique learning profile of each student. We appreciate the small group as the child’s pattern of development is observed throughout the year, ensuring they master the knowledge and improve their grade level skills..


Our Roots in the Methodist Movement

As an outreach ministry of Mt Harmony- Lower Marlboro United Methodist Church, The Wesley School is inspired by our Wesleyan heritage. The Reverends John and Charles Wesley, along with the early educational influence of their mother Susanna,  believed education is the key to a fuller, richer life for individuals and society. When Susanna's children were small, she developed a remarkable and effective method of education and spiritual nurture. 

Religious instruction is not a component of our daily curriculum, although prayer at meal time and monthly chapel are included. We do not require persons to hold membership in any faith community to enroll. Optionlal after school programs for children include a weekly Kids Bible Academy, led by Rev. Faith Wilkerson, and opportunities to participate in Christmas programs and Easter events. 


Seeking to "do all the good you can" an early motto of the Methodist movement is at the core of our school’s values.

"For us, this translates into teaching children to understand who they are, their unique gifts and to respect one another. As a community, it means discovering that no matter our age or skill level, together we can make a difference in the world.” - Rev. Faith Wilkerson, Head of School 

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Susanna Wesley, mother of Methodism, practiced a distinctive approach to education in her day that valued the whole child, both heart and mind. Named in her recognition, The Wesley School is an outreach of Mt Harmony-Lower Marlboro United Methodist Church and is a certified non-public school in the state of Maryland.©2019 by The Wesley School.

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