Summer 2020 Protocols
Please review and familiarize yourself before enrolling.

 It is important that all families read the protocols and plan to work together so that our camp can run safely and smoothly. We believe that now more than ever, our children need the experience of a low-stress environment with outdoor play exploring God’s creation and learning about God’s care for all people. We are committed as a staff to creating a safe, joyful place and it will be important that all families understand the protocols in advance so that kids can arrive in as much of a “normal” way as possible.

    Keeping staff-to-child ratios as small as possible, with groupings of no more than 8 children, is part of the recommendations from the Maryland Family Network. We will offer more camp dates to try to accommodate families, but overall we anticipate we will be operating at 25% capacity across the summer programs. 

    Even with this reduced enrollment, we still believe we can make it a fun time for the children. We ask that parents prayerfully review this document in advance of enrollment. 

Health protocols for parents or guardians


 Each morning
     - pack and label your child’s thermal lunch box and water bottle.
      -  use a ice pack in thermal bag, as we can’t provide refrigeration.
       - pack at least one fruit and one crunchy carbohydrate snack
      -  apply sunscreen to your child
      -  take your child’s temperature before arriving
      - if your child has a temp of 100.4°F (38°C) or higher, or is         
          experiencing flu-like symptoms, please plan to stay home.
          Text or call us  410-834-8895  if you can't attend for any reason.
          We don’t want to start with out you!

 On Arrival
- enter the parking lot lower level
 - remain in line as the Check-In Leader will approach your car.
 -  parents do not have to have on a mask, but our leaders will wear face
    shields. (see more in area of Safety Measures Below)
Everyone should remain in the vehicle at camper drop-off and pick-up.
        - Our Check-in Leader will ask you the health screening questions
        - We will take your child’s temperature with a touch-less thermometer and we will record the reading confidentially.  Children with a temperature will be asked to stay home.

While at Camp: Parents Instruction

We must restrict drop-in visitors and cannot permit gatherings of adults on-site while kids are in the activities. The number of on-site campers and volunteers must be limited in order to keep kids and staff safe.

 Personal Belongings
    We will provide a list of items that your child will use for the week of camp and these items will be non-sharable items used only by your child. We will store these items throughout the week on site. Snack, lunch bag or water bottle will not be kept on site or shared, so it will be important that all parents bring snack and water bottle daily, as we cannot provide food at this time. We can provide water, but we would like to have the water bottles with the child throughout the day with their names on it.

    Please do not bring any electronic devices to camp, including cell phones or any toys that a child may want to share.


 Getting Hurt or Sick at Camp 

    We will have a volunteer for the week who will provide basic first aid if a child is injured or does not feel well. In accordance with recommendations, we will have an area for a  camper to be removed from others if they become ill, and we ask that you be available to pick up, or arrange to have child picked up.
    Please note: If your child or a member of your household is tested for COVID-19 and tests positive within 14 days of the camp, please report this to us.  410-834-8895
Safety Measures Taken During the Camp

Outdoor Camp
Our camp is entirely outdoors except for bathroom use or weather conditions that require us to go into the Fellowship Hall Cafeteria. Lessons, games, and activities will all take place under our tented areas, on the open playground, or at Hutchins Pond which we will plan in advance. When indoors, we will maintain face shields and social distancing.

Personal Protection Equipment

 Each camper will be provided with a bucket-style sun hat with a face shield that protects from UV rays as well as droplets from talking, coughing or spitting. Each child's hat will be theirs for the week, and will remain at camp until the end of the week. These hats allow for the child to run and play, drink water and eat while also protecting them and others. Campers will wear these throughout the camp. If you are signed up for an additional camp, you will need to bring the hat again.

The bucket hats are made and purchased through a shop on Etsy, supporting small businesses.

Each adult volunteer will wear a full face shield (also provided) when working at the camp. The clear shield is preferable to a cloth mask as the shield allows children to see adult facial expressions which is a big part of our social development. Adults and children will not be wearing cloth masks, as they do not allow the full range of expression and are restrictive of fresh air in summer heat. 


Hygiene and Bathroom Policy
We are using the indoor single bathroom off of the Cafeteria. An adult will walk the child to the bathroom where the child will be expected to use the bathroom independently. After each use, our staff member will disinfect the bathroom and the child will return to the group. Because the camp is a half day, with limited enrollment, we believe we can practice these measures safely and smoothly. 

Promoting Healthy Hygiene
Through games and arrangement of our schedule, we will teach and reinforce washing hands, covering coughs and sneezes among children and staff. We  have adequate supplies on site to support this effort and may include the use of  hand sanitizer with at least 60 percent alcohol.


Cleaning, Disinfecting, Ventilation
Our camp is entirely spent outdoors to assure that we are well ventilated. In times where we need to use the bathroom or the Fellowship Hall Cafeteria, we will open windows and use fans if possible. Surfaces of playground equipment, shared objects, door handles and sink handles will be cleaned and sanitized between uses.


Physical Distance
There are so many fun ways to keep kids active, engaged and social while still keeping physical distance recommendation. By limiting our number of children on site, we can play in small groups and arrange for "outdoor centers”. We want the children to be active, play together and grow in their relationships with each other. Through games and activities, we will promote the learning of social distancing that will help them when they return to school in the fall. However, some activities will include two children working side by side, but because of the face shield hats, outdoor ventilation, and limited use of shared objects, we can reduce the amount of risk. 

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