Tuition Information

 Preschool Age Children

Annual Deposit $80
This non-refundable fee holds your spot and includes the weekly reader subscription for children 4 and up.

SPROUTS     1 Day AM                 $95 per month

ACORNS  2 DAY AM or PM             $ 195 per month             
ACORNS 3 DAY AM              $ 225 per month  
PINE CONES   3 DAY PM              $ 275 per month            
PINE TREE 4 DAY PM         $ 320 per month
OAK TREE 4 DAY AM      $350 per month
New in 2020
Add a STEAM Monday Afternoon (12:30pm - 3:00pm)
 to any Class for additional
$75 per month

Elementary Age Children

Annual Enrollment Fee

Elementary Age Students $500  
This fee covers class related learning materials, daily snack, 1 School Shirt, weekly reader subscription. Some classroom teachers will ask for specific school supplies at the start of the year. 
Annual Fee payable upon enrollment, non-refundable. The non-refundable annual enrollment fee is due before June 15th. For students enrolling after June 15, the fee is paid upon application.             

2020 - 2021 Annual Tuition
Kindergarten                 $8,100 
First Grade                  $8100 
Second Grade              $8,100 


The first month payment must be received before August 1 of the enrolled school year.
Payments can be made across ten months or twelve months.


Scholarships are reviewed and awarded on a rolling basis, it is best to apply early.
Upon application, please note if you are eligible for scholarship based on  any of the following:

  • (1) Returning students (enrolled in Wesley School as Kindergartener in 2019-20)

  • (2) Parent holds church membership at Mt Harmony-Lower Marlboro United Methodist Church

  • (3)  Child attended preschool with Mt Harmony Preschool

Sibling Discounts

All who have more than one child enrolled in any program
will qualify for a sibling discount
of 10% off the youngest child's tuition.

Before & After Care

Children may arrive at school after 6:30 a.m. until the start of their school day. 
After school care is available from end of school 3:oopm until 6:00 p.m.
Fees are charged per child per session and are payable weekly.

Kids Bible Academy

Our weekday school does not include any religious instruction, but students are welcomed to join our after school club called Kids Bible Academy.  This is designed and led by Pastor Faith and attended by children from many area schools. Held each Wednesday until 5:30pm we end with a Community-Wide Dinner and opportunities to join in choir rehearsals for children, youth and adults. 

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Susanna Wesley, mother of Methodism, practiced a distinctive approach to education in her day that valued the whole child, both heart and mind. Named in her recognition, The Wesley School is an outreach of Mt Harmony-Lower Marlboro United Methodist Church and is a certified non-public school in the state of Maryland.©2019 by The Wesley School.

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