Christmas Break           (preschool)                December 17 - January 1, 2021 

                                             (K-2nd)                     December 21 - January 1, 2021                  

MLKing Jr Day                 (all students)             Monday January 18, 2021

Presidents’ Day                  (all students)          Monday February 15, 2021
Spring Break                      (preschool)              March 29 - April 5, 2021       

                                             (K-2nd)                       March 29-April 5, 2021
Parent/ Teach Conf         (K-2nd)                       Monday May 17, 2021
Memorial Weekend       (k-2nd)                        Friday May 28 (no school for elementary)
Memorial Day                  (all students)              Monday May 21 (closed all classes)

Last Day of School         (preschool)                Thursday May 27, 2021 
                                             (K-2nd)                        Friday June 11, 2021

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Susanna Wesley, mother of Methodism, practiced a distinctive approach to education in her day that valued the whole child, both heart and mind. Named in her recognition, The Wesley School is an outreach of Mt Harmony-Lower Marlboro United Methodist Church and is a certified non-public school in the state of Maryland.©2019 by The Wesley School.

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